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SEEK Home, Inc.

Supporting Enriching & Empowering Konnections

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SEEK Home has been providing residential and community opportunities for people with developmental disabilities since 1995. We have eleven group homes including: Lanewood, Crest, Robin's Creek, Sumter, Ensign, Toledo, Melrose, Louisiana, Crystal Place and Hope. We also provide apartment living services for two women at Aquila Apartments. Our current residential sites are located in: Maple Grove, Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale, Bloomington, and St. Louis Park.  We also provide In-Home Services and Individualized Housing Options. 


SEEK has three main priorities.  We are committed to working for the benefit of the people we serve, the people we employ, and our company (in that order). 


  1. The people we serve - Our number one priority is the people we serve. We would not exist without the consumers with whom we provide care. Emphasis is placed on integration, independence, and community interaction/involvement in all areas of living. We encourage and welcome family involvement in each person's life. Goals and outcomes are developed and followed based on individual needs, established through input from each person, his or her family, case manager, day program providers, other involved interdisciplinary team members and our staff.
  2. The people we employ - Staff are the heart of SEEK Home. The success of our services is based on the efforts of the people who work for us.  We support our staff with training, guidance and opportunities necessary to handle the job requirements. We are considerate and respectful of staff's time and privacy; promoting a balance of job responsibility demands with personal lives. We emphasize fair, competitive, and innovative compensation patterns which reward and encourage quality performance. SEEK Home offers benefit programs for staff's long-term needs. We work to develop scheduling patterns to help meet the needs of our staff. In return, we require strict adherence to the programs and consumer goals as developed by the interdisciplinary team. We emphasize the importance of quality and care in all areas of support given to the people we serve.
  3. Our company - A healthy, well managed company is necessary to meet consumer and staff needs.   The success of our company allows future growth and opportunities for both consumers and staff.  Therefore, to provide the type of support necessary for our consumers and staff, our company must maintain a good reputation and stay financially healthy.  Administrative and financial decisions are made to ensure a sturdy, prosperous company. 

Family and friends of consumers and community are important as well.  Building positive relationships with each person's family is instrumental in his or her happiness and success.  We treat the people with whom our consumers interact as valuable partners and supports.  Through our work, we strive to meet the needs of our local and global community.  Decisions regarding these issues are primarily made based on their effect on the people we serve, our staff, and our company.