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SEEK Home, Inc.

Supporting Enriching & Empowering Konnections

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SEEK Home's Event Calendar - To see the events scheduled for 2017, click on the month to the left and check out what both the people and staff are up to.
SEEK Home Activities:
SEEK Home people and staff are involved in many activities. It is very important that people living in the group homes get out in the community and meet other people. They go to camps, sporting events, concerts, plays, celebrate holidays together, and other community activities as well as doing fun activities around the house. Every year, people and staff go to Camp Confidence and Camp Bugbee where they enjoy some of their favorite activities with other people who share the same interests. Also, every year athletes participate in Special Olympics competitions where the people can show off their greatest skills and win metals or ribbons for doing their best work.

We also have an annual company picnic. All of our group homes get together and celebrate another successful year in Seek Home's existence.